Sea, air and multimodal transport

Our partners ship or receive full containers and bulk of conventional equipment every day, departing or arriving from major European and global ports. The choice of maritime transport essentially meets three criteria:

  • Reduced costs
  • greater modularity
  • no constraints on the weight and size of goods

We have also opted for air transport. To this end, we work closely with various groups with large cargo processing areas in Roissy as well as order-receiving platforms in Orly, Marseille, Nice, Lyon and Bordeaux.

Air travel will be suitable to customers who are looking for both speed and geographic coverage.

Multimodal transport has become an essential option for international trade, neither distances nor borders are obstacles but the requirements of customer that impose the delivery of products as close as possible to their business. It is therefore sometimes necessary to combine air and sea transport with a third, road transport in order to transport products to their destination.